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The good news is that more than 95% of persons who encounter back pain in their lifetime see lot of improvement. However, keeping back pain at bay requires good health, proper weight, correct posture and adequate exercise. Medication and physiotherapy can provide relief in most cases of back pain.

When to take back and neck pain seriously and seek expert advice:

1:-pain lasts longer than 3 weeks or occurs every other month
2:-Initially severe back pain/neck pain and stiffness leading to limitation of mobility
3:-When you feel Sense loss or numbness in the hands or feet
4:-Weakness of arms and legs – falling from hand to face/slipping of slipper
5:-Any difficulty passing or holding a bowel movement

Important to remember: Back pain can have causes other than those of the spine. Always visit an experienced spine specialist if symptoms persist

Do’s and Don’ts if someone is prone to back pain:

While it is essential to seek expert opinion for spine problems, certain remedies can prevent or provide relief from back pain.

1:-Never lean forward to pick up weights or objects. bend your knees and lift up keeping the spine straight
2:-Don’t sit for a long time. Take short breaks every hour and walk for a few minutes
3:-Support your back while sitting and place a mattress if needed
4:-A longer duration of time on a couch should be avoided.
5:-Stay close to the steering wheel while driving so that you press the clutch or brake with your knees and don’t strain your back
6:-Use a 30-degree desktop slant if you spend long hours reading and writing
7:-Use desktop instead of laptop in office and keep it in front
8:-If using a laptop for long periods of time, use a slanted stand. The top of your laptop should be parallel to your head

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